Streaming to BoxCast from an RTMP-compatible encoder

While BoxCast does not typically recommend RTMP streaming for a variety of reasons related to reliability and performance, the BoxCast platform is able to support RTMP ingestion from your existing encoder.  Using RTMP ingestion requires that the feature is available on your account. Talk to Sales if you are interested in the feature.  

Please be aware that using a BoxCaster has many advantages over RTMP, some of which can be understood by reviewing the BoxCast Flow protocol.  But if you have an existing hardware or software encoding workflow that is acceptable, you can continue using it with BoxCast.

There are two types of RTMP channels that can be enabled on your account: Single-Use and Static.



Single-Use RTMP Channels

To quickly broadcast from an RTMP-compatible encoder, simply select "Single-Use RTMP" as your Source when scheduling your broadcast.  With single-use RTMP channels, each broadcast receives a new server URL and stream key.  These configuration settings are available during the broadcast pre-roll period, which begins approximately 10 minutes prior to the start of the broadcast.  You can visit the broadcast details page to find instructions for integrating the RTMP settings with various encoders.


Static RTMP Channels

If your account has the static RTMP feature enabled, you will have a server URL and stream key that does not change with each broadcast.  Your static channels are listed under Settings > RTMP on the dashboard.  From there, you can rename the channel(s) for easier identification as well as copying the server URL and stream key.  You can also regenerate the stream key if you fear it has been compromised.

When scheduling a broadcast or editing an existing one, pick the static channel as your Source. The broadcast details page will then contain instructions for integrating with your encoder.

The RTMP settings can be configured in your encoder at any point, but please make sure to not start streaming from your encoder until the broadcast pre-roll window has begun (approximately 10 minutes prior to start of broadcast) or you will receive an error.


Specific Encoder Instructions

BoxCast has tested many different encoders and provides specific instructions for several of them. Please review the following topics if you are interested in more details about your specific encoder:


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