PrestoSports and BoxCast Player Integration

You can now use our BoxCast technology and video player for ticketed or flex plan broadcasts within your PrestoSports website!* What that means to your viewers is that they can purchase a ticket directly from your website. Viewer experience captured below:

**You can drop the game specific or master snippet code into your website as per usual for non-ticketed events.**

Here is what you need to do on the admin site:

  •  Locate. Go to website tab > select your sport folder (wbkb for example) > select Add from the red sub-menu
  • Select Section. Select where within your website you want the player to be displayed.
  • Select Content Type. You can select Article: rich or HTML
  • Adding the BoxCast Player Snippet Code. On the edit content page (for both Article:rich and HTML), paste the following code (PrestoSports code + BoxCast embed code):

$website.requireSSL()<game specific snippet code>

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