Adding Pictures / Graphics to Switcher

With the BoxCast Switcher you can add .jpg or .png graphics to your broadcast. You will simply need to send the graphics to the device being used as the Switcher and save them to the camera roll to access them during the stream.


1 - To add a graphic tap the Star icon in the control bar (bottom right) - then tap "+" to select a picture to add.

2 - Tap Recently Added to add images from your photo album.

3 - Select the image you want to add.

4 - A menu will appear allowing you to choose the type of graphic this image will be. If using as a lower 3rd or putting into the corner of your picture choose Use as Overlay.

5 - Choose where you want the graphic to appear - select Apply on Preview - and click Done.

6 - Single tap the image to add to your preview or double tap to send the image to Live.

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