Facebook Live Restrictions

Max 720p resolution

Currently, Facebook live only supports up to 720p HD streaming. This means if you’re streaming in 1080p HD through BoxCast, the stream will be a lower quality on Facebook.

Additionally, Facebook may at their discretion choose to lower the output bitrate, which may reduce quality.

Broadcasts limited to 4 hours

Facebook limits live broadcasts to <4hrs. Your BoxCast stream will continue just fine, however, and you can re-enable the Facebook Live broadcast through the "Edit Event Details" section of the video.

Removal of videos due to copyrighted content

Facebook can and will remove your broadcast if they detect that you are using copyrighted content (even if you have a license to use that content). If you notice a video is not posted on your Facebook feed be sure to check your Notifications as Facebook will normally send a message explaining why your video has been blocked from streaming.

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