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Please note, if you are a viewer inquiring about a ticket purchase, please see the viewer FAQs instead.


As a customer, payment for your BoxCast subscription is handled automatically by either a credit card or bank ACH transaction through our partnerships with Stripe and Plaid. This is generally set up during your initial onboarding process but can be changed as needed.

Your most recent payment account information is available on the BoxCast Dashboard under Settings > Payment (click here to access).


Setting up payment for the first time

During your initial sales process, you will be asked to sign a contract. After you complete the contract, we'll send you a link to log on to the dashboard with your username and password, as well as a request to update your payment information.  If you do not receive the email, check your spam folders or reach out to your sales representative to have them send it again. Follow the instructions in your email to log on to the dashboard, then navigate to Settings > Payment Status.

Click to add either a bank account or credit card. Follow the on-screen prompts to link your payment details to your BoxCast account.

Payment by credit card
Powered by Stripe

Payment by bank account
Powered by Plaid

After you are done, the sales team member will process your payment and the onboarding process will continue - BoxCaster(s) will be shipped if necessary and our Customer Support representatives will reach out to help you start streaming! 


Changing your payment details

If your payment information was declined, you changed your credit card number, or you have any other reason to update your payment account, you can log on to the dashboard to update it. Simply click Settings > Payment Status and then click to add a new bank account or credit card.  After saving the new payment method, the old payment details will be erased permanently.


For customers on our legacy billing system

If you see a message about being on our legacy billing system on your dashboard, you can reach out to our support team via questions@boxcast.com to migrate to our updated system, which will then allow you to update your payment details on the dashboard. If you were paying by ACH transfer, you will need to re-link your account. If you were paying by credit card, the existing account can be linked without entering it again.


A note about security

BoxCast does not ever handle or store your credit card or bank account details directly. We partner with Stripe and Plaid for fully PCI-compliant processing.


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