Adding closed captions

BoxCast makes it easy to add closed captions (CC) to your events. 


Follow these quick steps to caption your video

  1. Log onto the dashboard ( in Google Chrome
    ** NOTE: while the captions will be available to viewers in all browsers as well as smartphones, creating the captions requires features that only desktop Chrome provides at the moment.
  2. Open the event you'd like to caption and select the "Captions" tab below the video player
  3. The captions entry form is linked to the video player above it. As you watch segments of the video, you can note the timestamps in the player and caption those segments. 
  4. By default, the captioning tools synchronizes itself with the player and allows you to type/record without having to pause/play the video manually.  If this workflow is uncomfortable, you can always uncheck the "Sync with playback cursor" option.
  5. Tap the Play button to begin watching the video. Type the appropriate caption for the segment, then select "Save & Start Next Caption".

Notice that the transcript is displayed in its entirety below the form.  You can edit any individual segment (text, start time, stop time) by clicking the edit icon.

Once you have added captions, you can open the event in a new window and observe that there is now a "CC" menu option, which will enable or disable the display of captions. 



Q: I entered a start and stop time, but when I clicked "Save" the time changed. Why did this happen?

  • The captioning logic needs to convert your times to internal segment numbers and offsets.  This will allow your captions to continue to remain in alignment with the video if you trim the recording or clip out a highlight.  Sometimes, this logic can fail.  If you observe the problem, please edit the caption and re-apply the proper timestamp.

Q: I don't see the captions tab on the events detail page.

  • You must use Google Chrome to caption videos. Our captioning tool requires a browser that support HLS over Media Source Extensions.

Q: I added captions, but I don't see the option in the player to enable captions.

  • Try refreshing your browser. The player looks for broadcast captions when the player first loads to decide whether or not to enable the menu option.

Q: I see a warning about overlapping time ranges. How do I fix it?

  • The WebVTT caption format that is used for captions does not allow overlapping time ranges. When we detect that 2 or more captions are overlapping, we display a warning (like the following).  Find the captions matching the displayed time ranges and edit their start/stop points to remove the overlap.







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