Broadcaster iOS App (iPhone / iPad)

A Quick look at the BoxCast Broadcaster app (audio / video) 

For our Quick Start video, click here.


1 - Download the BoxCast Broadcaster from the App Store and login.

  • You can use the same credentials as you use to login to your Dashboard

2 - Starting your broadcast

  • Click the Broadcast button located at the bottom of the screen - Choose if this is an Audio or Video broadcast (if you are a client) - enter a Title / Description - when satisfied click Create in the upper right corner.




3 - Broadcasting

  • Once the broadcast goes live you will see your broadcast screen (image below)
  • REMEMBER: Data transmission will be disrupted completely if you minimize the app OR if you take a call. It is always best to put your device into "Airplane Mode" - activate "Wifi" - AND turn on "Do Not Disturb". Any phone call or Facetime will completely disrupt the broadcast until the call is ended.

*Note 1: Airplane Mode will turn cellular data off. If the cellular network is the only network you have to work with then do NOT put your device in Airplane Mode.

*Note 2: Uplink bandwidth is critical to a high quality stream, so you should do your best to ensure the wifi network is not congested and backed by sufficient internet service.

- Icons (from left to right)

  • Mute Microphone
  • Choose Input Mic (if you use an external microphone instead of internal)
  • Share Broadcast (via the normal Apple options: message, email, etc.)
  • Help Section (explains the icons)

When you are done with your broadcast simply end it and you will be taken back to your Dashboard where you can manage all events after the fact (including adding your broadcast to a channel).


Note that you can bring audio in via the 1/8" jack on your iPhone / iPad BUT the adapter MUST be a TRRS adapter. If not the iPhone / iPad will not recognize the incoming data and default to the onboard microphone.







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