BoxCast Initialized: An explanation of the phases of video startup

1% and "The BoxCaster is still busy streaming a different broadcast."

This broadcast overlaps a current broadcast, and it cannot start because the other broadcast is still broadcasting. Either end the overlapping broadcast or wait for it to reach its end time.


"stuck" at 5%

This broadcast was scheduled to begin at the exact same time as another broadcast. Stop/delete all but one of the broadcasts.


5%: The system is beginning the process of starting the broadcast. Normally should take only a few seconds, but see "stuck at 5%" above.


10%: The system is acquiring a server to use for the broadcast. Should usually only take a few seconds.


20%: The BoxCaster is probing bandwidth. On a well-behaved network, should only take a minute or two, but on a poor network, this can take as long as 6 minutes, at which time the bandwidth probe will give up and use a total bandwidth of approximately 1 Mbps (divided between video and audio).


There are two things that can make your broadcast stall at this point:

  • Poor network responses to speed test.
  • Solution: Login to your account - click into video - Edit Event Details - Advanced Configuration - If there are no bitrates under Video Bitrate & Audio Bitrate then your network is not responding. Just select a bitrate for both of those options, Save Changes, and you can bypass this problem.


  • No video device detected or invalid video input
  • Solution: Check to make sure your video source is powered on, that the video cable is secure on both ends, and that your video device is sending an accepted video standard. Some poorly-behaved video sources may need to be unplugged and plugged back in (or sometimes powered off and on again) to cause them to reset their video format.


40%: The system is configuring the server with the stream parameters provided by the BoxCaster. Should only take a few seconds.


60%: The server has been configured with the stream parameters and is getting ready to receive stream data from the BoxCaster.


80-90%: The server is (probably) receiving stream data from the BoxCaster and saving video segments, but it is not yet "live" for viewers.


"stuck" at 90%: Up until 1 minute before the scheduled start time, the broadcast may appear to be "stuck" at 90%. It’s not actually stuck, but will transition to "prepared" at 1 minute before the scheduled start time.


If the stream stalls here it is one of two reasons: 

  • Packet Loss: The BoxCaster is sending stream data but the network is handling it so poorly that that the server can't start because it isn't receiving enough valid video packets.
  • Content Filter: If your network has a content filter in place it could be blocking the data from even leaving the network. The BoxCaster is sending video in this case, but none of it is reaching our server. If this is the issue your IT team will need to be brought in to help figure out where the issue is arising. 
  • Solution: Try adjusting your video and audio bitrates down as low as possible. If the video starts then you can adjust back up until you find a happy medium for your network. If adjusting the bitrates does nothing then reach out to BoxCast immediately and we can help determine if there is a content filter issue. If this is the case you will need to get your IT specialists involved.



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