What is a channel?

Channels are a way to group specific broadcasts into a single video player so that viewers see only events specified for that channel (e.g. you can create a list of Baseball specific videos or group your service broadcasts by sermon series).


Create Channel:

Click the Channels tab in the Menu bar.

Click the green Create New Channel button

This will open a new window where you can enter the specifics of your channel.

Channel Name: Use this to specify the videos you will be placing in the channel.

Visibility: Determines how viewers are allowed to watch the videos in the channel

- Flex / Ticketed broadcasters will HAVE to contact BoxCast before a priced channel can be created. 

  • Public: Choose if your videos are free OR if you want viewers to purchase each game in the channel individually.
  • Ticketed: Allows you to set one price for access to ALL videos in the channel.

Ticket Price: The price you will charge for access to view all events in the channel. (Flex and Ticketed broadcasters will have to contact BoxCast before a subscription channel can be created.)

Create Channel and you will now be able to add broadcasts to the channel on the scheduling page.


Details on embedding your channel can be found HERE.

*Note: Placing a broadcast into a channel is OPTIONAL. Any broadcast can be placed in as few (including zero) or as many channels as you deem necessary.





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