BoxCast: Wirecast Integration

If you would like to stream to BoxCast using Wirecast just let us know and we can enable that on your account. Then simply follow the instructions below to set up your broadcast.


Integrating Wirecast with BoxCast

Telestream Wirecast is a software video mixer application that can be used to enhance the production value of your BoxCast broadcasts. You can stream from Wirecast to BoxCast in several different ways.

Using a BoxCaster

The recommended way to stream from Wirecast is to send the Wirecast to a secondary HDMI output that is plugged into the BoxCaster. Using this approach provides the following advantages:

  • The BoxCaster’s hardware encoding relieves your computer from the task of encoding the video and audio. Hardware encoding is more reliable and efficient.
  • The BoxCaster can take advantage of specially-designed communication protocols to optimize your available network connectivity, while Wirecast cannot.
  • The BoxCaster gives us the ability to help troubleshoot any issues with your broadcast, including hundreds of data points and logs our agents can look at. Wirecast provides limited troubleshooting capability.


To stream from Wirecast through your BoxCaster:

  1. Connect the Boxcaster to your computer via the appropriate cables (Display to HDMI, Thunderbolt to HDMI, VGA to HDMI, etc).
  2. The Boxcaster should be recognized by your computer as a second monitor so you will need to ensure that your display settings are set to recognize your computer as the primary display and Boxcast as a secondary display:
    1. PC: Panel Items - Display - Screen Resolution - switch Display dropdown to Boxcast
    2. Mac: System Preferences - Displays - AirPlay Display dropdown - Turn OFF
  3. Next, make sure that you direct your Audio to go out via HDMI to the Boxcaster. If this is not done BEFORE you open Wirecast then your audio will not appear on the stream.
  4. Start Wirecast. Under Output in the menu bar you will see External Display Output - select "Display2” or "Display".

Using the BoxCast Destination Integration

BoxCast can be added as a destination from within Wirecast. This allows Wirecast to stream directly to BoxCast. It will utilize the computer for encoding the video and audio (which is not as efficient as the BoxCaster hardware encoder), and will only transmit in RTMP, which may encounter network disruptions in less-than-ideal network circumstances.


To add BoxCast as a streaming destination:

  • Open Wirecast. Click on the Output menu, then on Output Settings.
  • Next to the Destination selection, click the More… button.

  • With the Edit Visible Destinations showing, press Command+A (OS X) or Control+A (Windows).

  • In the Enter the Url of the Destination box, copy and paste the following URL, then press OK:

  • Make sure that BoxCast appears in the list and is checked, then click OK.

To stream to BoxCast using the destination integration:

  • From your BoxCast dashboard, schedule the broadcast like normal, selecting Generic RTMP as the Camera/Location.
  • Up to 10 minutes before the scheduled start time, open Wirecast and click on the Output menu, then on Output Settings.
  • From the Destination selection, choose BoxCast and click OK.

  • In the Username field, enter the email address you use to log in to BoxCast, then click Authenticate.

  • Enter your BoxCast password in the password prompt and click OK.
  • From the Channel list, choose the broadcast you wish to broadcast (typically only one is available, and it should be selected automatically). This should also update the Name at the top of this screen.

  • If your broadcast doesn’t appear, check to make sure it is no more than 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. You can also click the Refresh button to reload the list of broadcasts.
  • From the Encoding list, select your desired stream resolution and aspect ratio. These settings will use the following configuration (in all cases, we’ll still transcode your video in the cloud for viewers with lower capabilities -- there’s never a need to stream multiple levels to BoxCast):
    • 720p 16:9 -- 1280x720, 2.8 Mbps video, 128 kbps audio
    • 1080p 16:9 -- 1920x1080, 4.8 Mbps video, 128 kbps audio
    • 480p 4:3 -- 640x480, 1.0 Mbps video, 128 kbps audio
    • 480p 3:2 -- 720x480, 1.0 Mbps video, 128 kbps audio
  • Click OK when you’re satisfied with your configuration.
  • Click Output -> Start / Stop Broadcasting -> Start All or click Output -> Start / Stop Broadcasting -> Start <Stream Name> (or use the keyboard shortcut) when you’re ready to begin broadcasting.




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