How do I configure my Boxcaster for a wireless (wifi) connection?

The first time you configure a wireless network the BoxCaster will need a valid internet connection (hardline). Once you have configured a wireless network you can use that as your valid connection for other Wi-Fi configurations (if the BoxCaster can connect to that network).


1.) Login to your BoxCast Dashboard. Go to Settings - click the edit button next to the BoxCaster you want to configure.

2.) Once the BoxCaster has retrieved all of its wireless information you will see the following display:

3.) Click Add/View Wireless Networks - find the signal you would like to configure - click Add Network. If you do not see your network you can click Connect to network not shown here at the bottom of the list.

4.) After choosing the network you will be prompted to enter the password. Be sure that all punctuation and capitalization match or the BoxCaster will be unable to connect to the network. Once that has been entered click Save Changes. If all information has been entered correctly then you will see a green box appear informing you that you are connected to that Wi-Fi network.


  • Note: It's a good idea to uncheck "Allow BoxCaster to connect to open (unsecured) networks" button. This will prevent the box from reaching out to guest wireless or other open networks when streaming.






















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