Adding a pre-roll image to the video player

You can add a pre-roll image (an image that appears on your video player before the stream starts) to individual videos, to an embedded player, or for all players associated with your account.
File parameters should be .png or .jpg and 1280x720. Be aware that the image will ONLY appear if you have a future event scheduled.
  • Adding to a single event: Schedule your event. On the video page click Edit Event - put your file in the Drag and Drop area - Save Changes.



  • To embedded player: Go to Embed menu - Advanced Settings - check Custom Poster Image - Drop an image into the Drag and Drop area - Post the widget to your site.
  • Removing or changing the image would require you to re-paste the widget code into your site with your new settings selected.


  • Account wide: This image can be overridden at the Embed or Single Event level. Go to Settings - Player Defaults - put your image into the Drag and Drop section.



Once embedded your video player will show the upcoming event with an image overlaid!

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