Event types in BoxCast

Depending on your contract with BoxCast, you can schedule several types of events:  Pay-per-View (Ticketed), Flex, Subscription, Private or Public event. You can configure your event through the Visibility settings of the Publish tab when scheduling.

  • PPV / Ticketed. You can ticket your broadcast and set your ticket price.
  • Flex. You can make a broadcast a flex broadcast which means that your viewers can watch the broadcast in Standard Definition at no fee and High Definition for a fee determined by you.
  • Subscription. This option is available on a limited basis. This allows your viewers to watch any / all broadcasts aired in a certain period of time (i.e. monthly).
  • Private. A private event is an event that can be accessed through a secure link and is not searchable on the internet.
  • Public. A public event is an event that anyone can see and search for on the internet.


Note: the accessibility of an event can be changed prior to, during, and after completion of the game. For example: if you don't want your viewers to see the event when it is over you can simply change the "Accessibility" under "Edit Event Details" to "Private".

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