Is there a delay from the live video to what the viewer sees?

Yes. There is a time delay of 30 seconds -1 minute caused by several factors and protocols:

  • Encoder. Adds a minor delay due to the encoding process.

  • Server Buffer. Ensures that all the packets arrive and in the correct order. Adds a few seconds of delay.

  • Client buffer. Helps to reduce interruptions caused by abrupt bandwidth changes. Can add a few seconds of delay.

  • CDN (Content Delivery Network). Needs to deliver video to the end users via thousands of servers. Can add a few seconds of delay.

  • Streaming Delivery Protocols. Some streaming protocols (e.g. HLS) require a certain amount of content to be buffered before playback begins. Depending on configuration, this can add 10-30 seconds of delay.

For more information, check this article out.

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