Why is the BoxCaster offline?

The most common problem with a broadcast is that the BoxCaster is offline.


If this is your first test:

  • The most common issue with connectivity in the testing phase is that the network firewall is blocking the BoxCaster from talking to our servers.  Give the MAC ID (found on the bottom of the unit) to your IT specialist and they can give your Boxcaster access.


In broadcast:

  • Ethernet cord is loose.  Check both ends of cable to make sure it is securely plugged in.
  • The ethernet cord is bad.  See if the lights on the ethernet port of the Boxcaster are lighting up. Swap out the cord.
  • The network jack is bad.  Plug a different device (e.g. a laptop) into the network jack. If that device can't get online either then your network jack is bad. Try a different jack.
  • IF you HAVE 2 OR MORE BOXCASTERS it could be that the broadcast is scheduled on the wrong one.  Always check that the broadcast is scheduled on the proper Boxcaster.



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