How do I add a scoreboard to my broadcast?

If you have an automated scoreboard you must first integrate it with BoxCast - click here for more information.  You can integrate your Daktronics, Trans-Lux Fair-Play or Sportzcast scoreboard information into the BoxCast live stream.

To include a scoreboard in your BoxCast video you will need to select an option from the Sport dropdown in the Scoreboard section.

*Note: The sport you choose for an event MUST match the sport being sent from your scoreboard controller or data will NOT come through in a usable format for your stream.

Regardless of integrated or manual, scoreboard information will need to entered for each scheduled game.



Simply select the proper Scoreboard Make / Model - Input team names - Select team colors - choose where you would like the scorebug to appear on your video - and click Next.


Controls for the Manual Scoreboard can be found on the video page for that specific event in your Dashboard.

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