How do I personalize my overall broadcast settings?

Personalize Your Settings.

* Click the Settings tab
* Click the edit button next to the BoxCaster you would like to make changes to.
* Click Show Advanced Settings for the appropriate BoxCaster.

  • Allow Remote Troubleshooting? - ALWAYS leave this box checked. This gives BoxCast the ability to gather metrics from your BoxCaster so that we can better help you if an issue arises.
  • Target Video Bitrate - You can hardcode a video bitrate that your BoxCaster will always stream at.
  • Target Audio Bitrate - Allows you to specify the bitrate your BoxCaster will always stream at.
  • Audio Source - This allows you to specify what port the BoxCaster should grab audio from. Note that setting an audio source here will force the box to look for audio through the specified port for EVERY event going forward until the setting is changed at the BoxCaster or Event level.
  • Video Resolution - Forces the BoxCaster to stream at a certain resolution. It is NOT recommended to manually force this.
  • DSCP Value - Unless your network specialist wants to set a DSCP value you should leave this at "No DSCP".

*NOTE: It is recommended that ALL settings (with the exception of Audio Source) be left at the Default settings. The BoxCaster will negotiate with your network and your camera to provide optimal results for your stream.


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