In an effort to make sports broadcasting an entirely plug-and-play experience, BoxCast streaming now includes ESPN-like video overlays that include real-time score and clock information within broadcast. BoxCast has partnered with Sportzcast to enable the BoxCaster to connect directly with their ScoreBOT interface.


Sportzcast Instructions

  • The first step is to inform Sportzcast that you are enabling the Sportzcast / BoxCast integration. Be sure to include your ScoreBOT number in the request. Sportzcast can be reached via email at or call  321-888-3800, option 2.
  • All configuration of the ScoreBOT itself is done through the Sportzcast website: Once logged in, you can configure a bot by hovering over "Bots", then hovering over the bot in question (the bot number is printed on the front of the ScoreBOT), then clicking on Profile:

  • The profile screen will provide options for configuring the sport, make, model, scoreboard code, etc. You will need to choose the correct scoreboard information from the "Scoreboard" option. If your particular scoreboard / sport / code / etc. combo is not listed, this is something you'll need to discuss with Sportzcast.

  • If the ScoreBOT is configured correctly, online and connected to the scoreboard controller, then you will be able to click on the ScoreBOT listed under "Bots" and see a live view of the data coming from the scoreboard:

  • When this is all working correctly, then you are ready to use this ScoreBOT with a Boxcast event.
  • NOTE: if you have any problems or questions with any of the above instructions, please contact Sportzcast directly.**

BoxCast Instructions

  • First, to use the Sportzcast / BoxCast integration, please contact the BoxCast Customer Success team at 888-EZ-BCAST or to turn on the functionality.

  • Next, you must configure your Sportzcast credentials at the account level. On the BoxCast site, under Settings - SportzCast Configuration, you'll find Username" and Password fields. Note that the password can be revealed/hidden. It is imperative that you enter the credentials correctly and keep them updated if they change!


  • Finally, the integration with a particular ScoreBOT is done on a per-event basis. It is important that you get the ScoreBOT number correct, as there is no way to change this once the event has started.

  • NOTE: be aware that the scoreboard data may be 1-2 seconds behind the live action due to the latency of the Sportzcast servers.**


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