In an effort to make sports broadcasting an entirely plug-and-play experience, BoxCast streaming now includes ESPN-like video overlays that include real-time score and clock information within broadcast. BoxCast has partnered with Daktronics to enable the BoxCaster to connect directly with the scoreboard control units.  No need for a computer, software, or special setup.  


Hardware Requirements 

  • Control Unit: AllSport 5000 Models
  • Adapter:  None if going through J6 port. All Sport CG if plugging into your J1, J2, or J3 ports ($1,000 wired, $1,200 for the wireless version).
  • Cable: BoxCast provides an inexpensive cable that connects from the BoxCaster auxiliary USB port to the Daktronics’ equipment ($30)
  • Extending Reach (optional). BoxCast offers wireless extenders that allow the BoxCaster and/or camera to be positioned far away from the scorer’s table ($300) - Range of 100'

Hardware Configuration Instructions

  • Connect supplied cable from the AllSport CG unit (Serial DB9) to the AllSport 5000 Controller unit (J2 Phono Cable)
  • Connect supplied cable from the AllSport CG unit (Serial DB9) to the “Serial to USB” cable supplied by BoxCast.
  • Plug the “Serial to USB” cable into the BoxCaster
  • Plug in the power for the AllSport CG unit, then
  • Plug in the power for the BoxCaster unit
  • Turn on the AllSport 5000 Controller. Press to resume the last game stored in memory. The console is now ready for game operation. Press to start a new game or change to a different sport. The console will prompt for a new code number.
  • The SELECT CODE prompt allows users to accept the last code selected (shown on the second line) or enter a new code.  To accept the code shown press .  To select a new sport code: Get the code number from the sport insert or the section of the manual for that sport. Use the number keys to enter the new four-digit code. Press . 
  • For a listing of all codes, see “Appendix A - Daktronics Sport Codes”
  • Verify that the AllSportCG display shows valid score information from the controller unit.

Additional Resources

  • For the Daktronics Quick Start Guide, click here.  
  • To reference all Daktronics manuals, click here


  • Login with your account at BoxCast.com
  • Schedule your event (if not already scheduled)
  • Select the Sport from drop down menu
  • Choose your scoreboard’s vendor/brand under “Scoreboard Make” to be Daktronics
  • Select the type of scoreboard controller unit (All Sports 5000 or All Sports CG)
  • Fill in pertinent team information for overlay.

*Note 1: If information is not available, the fields in the overlay will remain blank.
*Note 2: The AllSports CG unit can be used to enter score data manually for situations where there is no scoreboard control unit to connect to.

*Note 3: Compatible sports through the J6 port are: Baseball -- Basketball -- Football -- Hockey --Lacrosse -- Soccer -- Volleyball -- Wrestling. No other programmed sport will pass data through to your broadcast.

Appendix A - Daktronics Controller Sport Selection
Click here for a list of codes p/sport.

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