Scheduling a broadcast

From your Dashboard, click SCHEDULE AN EVENT.


Enter the pertinent event information (Title - Description - BoxCaster - Date - Scoreboard (if applicable) - Accessibility).

When you are satisfied you will click "Schedule this Event" and your upcoming broadcast will be saved. If you would like to create a series of broadcasts you can check the "Recurring Event?" box at the bottom. This will create your current event and then clone all of the details to another scheduled event. You can then change date / time or other details as you wish. When finished you can uncheck "Recurring Event?" and the click "Schedule this Event".


*Best practice for event preparation. Be online and powered up 15 minutes prior to your event start time!

** Notes on end time. You can change the end time once a broadcast has started in case your event has a weather delay, goes into overtime, etc. Or, if you haven’t entered an End Time when you scheduled the event you will need to manually stop the broadcast. To do this you will go to the video page in your BoxCast account and click the red “Stop Broadcast” button to the right of the video player.





Private / Test explanation.

Flex / Ticketed explanation.


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