Can we track how many people have watched the video?

Basic viewer stats are available for all broadcasts on the details page, including. 

  • Active Right Now: Amount of active views on player. Not a count of unique viewers. This measures how many players are currently open and playing the video.
  • Total All Time:  Count of ALL views of the video both live and archived & total minutes watched.
  • Watched Live: Count of clicks on live video and total minutes watched.
  • Watched Recording: Count of clicks on archived video and total minutes watched.


Additional enhanced analytics are provided as an add-on feature to your plan.  

You can find the enhanced analytics for an individual broadcast by tapping on the "View Detailed Analytics" button below the analytics summary on a broadcast page.

You can also navigate directly to the viewer analytics report by using the Reports > Viewer Analytics links.  These reports show aggregated summaries across your entire account and for each custom channel you have defined.  The metrics reported here include:

  • Account or Channel Summary
    • Total views
    • Unique viewers
    • Average view duration
    • Count of watched broadcasts
    • Comparison of each of those stats vs. the prior period
    • Time series line graph of Cumulative views vs. Previous Period
  • When Viewers Watch
    • Views by day line graph
    • By time of day bubble graph, which can be used to understand patterns on which days of week and times on those days that viewers are most engaged
  • How Viewers Watch
    • Live vs. recorded graph
    • Playback quality graph (NOTE that a few video player clients report the computer's screen resolution rather than actual video quality level, so you might see a value higher than your actual broadcast resolution)
    • Playback host graph
    • Mobile vs. desktop graph
    • Browsers graph
    • Operating systems graph
  • Where Viewers Watch
    • Map of viewers globally, with the bubble overlay radius approximating how many views came from a certain geographic region
    • Top 10 regions listing
  • Hall of Fame
    • Most Viewed Broadcasts
    • Achievements


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