Do I need to adjust my bitrate when using my BoxCaster?

In general, no. By default, the BoxCaster is configured to auto-detect bandwidth and select a transmission bitrate that reliably maximizes picture quality. However, users can override auto-detection and specify separately both the audio and video bitrate on a per event or per device basis.


In this case, users should choose the highest bandwidth possible to maximize video quality for viewers. To ensure reliable video recording and streaming, the bandwidth must be sustained throughout the length of the broadcast. The required bandwidth for transmission is a sum of Video + Audio + Overhead. As a rule of thumb, the recommended bandwidth is double the required bandwidth.

  • Standard Definition Video - 300kbit/s to 1.5Mbit/s

  • High Definition Video - 1.5Mbit/s to 3Mbit/s

  • Stereo Audio - 16kbit/s to 128kbit/s

  • Communication Overhead - 50kbit/s


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