Public, Private, Flex, & Ticketed events. What's the Difference?


Public broadcasts are completely free and will appear on all embedded video players and social media sites that the video has been shared to. Only Public events are allowed to be streamed to said social media sites.


Private / Test

Private/Test events should be used when you do not want the event to appear on your embedded player or in publicly accessible archives.   It's perfect for running internal tests. Only admins will have access to watch (via the Dashboard) unless the link is distributed to others.

 Note: The accessibility of a broadcast can be changed at any time before, during, or after a broadcast. This means you can switch a Public event to Private after the fact if you would like to prevent future viewings of the event.

Note 2: When switching to Private you you will see a checkbox "Remove the exisiting link". If left checked this will generate a new link for the broadcast. This is best used if you shared the link to the event vs. actually embedding the video in your site. The previous link will be destroyed and a new one generated thereby removing access to anyone who had the previous link.


Flex & Ticketed

Flex: A Flex broadcast allows you to set a price for a higher quality video feed (based on what signal you are sending us). Viewers can then either watch a lower quality feed for free or can choose to upgrade for the fee specified.

Ticketed: A ticketed event is purely Pay-Per-View. Anyone who wants to watch MUST purchase a ticket.

Note: All videos start with a 90 second preview at the highest quality you are sending so viewers can see what quality the broadcast is in.

Note 2: Events can also be placed into Ticketed or Flex channels for season pass subscription purchases. 

In both instances you can set a "Default Ticket Price" for ALL Events.

  • Login to your Dashboard
  • Go to Settings
  • General Settings
  • Click the edit button
  • Set "Default Ticket Price"
  • Save Changes

Now all Ticketed / Flex events you schedule will default to that price point!

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