What do the lights on my BoxCaster mean?

When the BoxCaster is plugged into a power source, the box glows dimly. Once the BoxCaster has completely started and is ready for use, it will glow more brightly.


When the Cloud is green, this means that the Box is successfully communicating with the BoxCast service over your network connection. 



When the Camera is green, this means that the Box has detected a video input. It will blink red if no input is detected. 




When the Arrow is blinking green, this means that the Box is preparing the broadcast and when it is solid green, it is broadcasting. 



In the end, it should look like this! 


Note: If the LEDs are blinking in succession, this indicates the BoxCaster’s software is updating.  This may take up to 30 minutes for large updates (which may include your initial setup) but usually takes no more than 5-10 minutes on most internet connections. If this occurs, wait until the online light is solid for two minutes.

Firmware updates will not occur within an hour of a scheduled broadcast.

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