Setting up a Canon 5D Mark iii (DSLR) with a BoxCaster



PLEASE NOTE: This will not work with all DSLR cameras. This will only work if the DSLR sends a clean HDMI output to the BoxCaster. We do not recommend streaming with a DSLR camera but understand that it can be an option in some cases.

Common issues when using a DSLR for streaming:

  1. Audio might not pass through the HDMI connection
  2. The image could be cropped on the screen
  3. Icons from the camera could be displayed on the broadcast
  4. The built in display could shut off when you plug in an HDMI cable
  5. Most DSLRs only use batteries that must be switched for longer broadcast


Below are the instructions on connecting a Canon DSLR up to the BoxCaster. The Canon 5D Mark iii will not pass audio of HDMI but will display a clean HDMI output for the broadcast. 

Step 1: Go into the settings of your camera and find "HDMI output + LCD." 


Step 2: Turn "Mirroring" on. 


Step 3: Turn "Auto power off" to "Disable", so the camera does not shut off during the broadcast. 


Step 4: Plug in your mini HDMI to HDMI cable into the BoxCaster and you are all set. 



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