How to Integrate your BoxCaster with vMix Software

Follow these key steps to use vMix Live Production Software with your BoxCaster. 

NOTE: vMix is a Windows/PC only product unless you install Windows on your Mac.Click Here for more instructions  


1. Plug the BoxCaster into your computer.

2. Go into your computers settings and go to the display options. You will want to set the BoxCaster to be a second display or extended display.


3. Open vMix Software

4. Go to the Display settings in vMix and set the fullscreen option to "Display 2."


5. Now click on the FullScreen button in the middle of the vMix Software, and that will send the program feed to the BoxCaster. 



Things to remember when using a BoxCaster with vMix:

- The BoxCaster will not go live until the scheduled start time. By clicking the Fullscreen button, this will only enable the box to see the program out feed from vMix. You can do this anytime before the broadcast starts. 


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