Broadcasting to Periscope

If you are a customer on any of our Public plans (fully free video to viewers) you can stream your broadcast to Periscope by using our "Other RTMP" social streaming configuration. This is sometimes referred to as simulcasting - you'll be simultaneously broadcasting to both BoxCast and Periscope.


For more detailed information about how to use Periscope Producer, consult Periscope's Producer Broadcasting Guide. Also, if you wish to have Periscope integrated as a first-class destination within BoxCast, please provide your feedback directly to Periscope either by sending them an email or by clicking the "Send Feedback" button on your Profile page within the Periscope app.


Configuring your broadcast for Periscope:

  1. On the BoxCast Dashboard, select Schedule a Broadcast.
  2. On the Publish step, click Show Social Media Broadcast Settings.
  3. Click on the Other RTMP icon to add an RTMP destination to your broadcast.
  4. Start the Periscope app. Click on the "People" icon, then on the profile icon in the upper-right:
  5. Scroll down and click on "Settings":
  6. Scroll down to "Advanced Sources" and click on "Periscope Producer":
  7. Click "+ Create Additional Source":
  8. Take note of the "Server URL" and "Stream Name / Stream Key" values shown on this screen:
  9. Either type or copy and paste the values from the previous screen into the RTMP destination we added on the BoxCast dashboard in step 3:
  10. Choose 720p or 480p for Max Resolution.
    NOTE: Periscope prefers content to be at 540p or lower (see limitations below). You may wish to experiment with both 720p and 480p to see what looks best within Periscope.
  11. Finish scheduling your event.
  12. When the broadcast is streaming, the Periscope source information screen from step 8 should show a "Preview Broadcast" button indicating the source is receiving data. Click on this button:
  13. Preview the broadcast in Periscope to ensure you are seeing your content. When you are ready, press the "Go LIVE" button to publish the stream to your followers:
  14. Your BoxCast broadcast is also live on Periscope!


What restrictions are there when broadcasting with Periscope?

  • Periscope recommends streaming at 540p, which is not a resolution to which BoxCast transcodes. While 720p will work, you may wish to experiment with both 720p and 480p to see which looks best for your content.
  • In addition, BoxCast's transcoding quality at both 720 and 480 are too high for Periscope's recommendations, so you will receive warnings about your encoder settings.


For additional questions, contact the BoxCast Support Team at 

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