Broadcasting to YouTube Live

If you are a customer on any of our Public plans (fully free video to viewers) you can stream your broadcast to YouTube Live. This is sometimes referred to as simulcasting - you'll be simultaneously broadcasting to both BoxCast and YouTube Live.

Read below to find out more! Or check out our video tutorial.


First, make sure your YouTube account is properly linked to BoxCast:

  1. On the BoxCast Dashboard, select Settings in the main navigation and then select the YouTube tab.
  2. Click the Link YouTube Account button.Settings_-_Youtube_-_Highlighted.png
  3. Follow Google's prompts to choose your account and grant BoxCast permission to use it. 


Now you're ready to schedule your event:

  1. On the BoxCast Dashboard, select Schedule a Broadcast.
  2. On the Publish step, click Show Social Media Broadcast Settings.
  3. Click on the YouTube Live icon to add a YouTube Live destination to your broadcast.
  4. Choose a destination YouTube account, and select the privacy settings. (For testing, select "Unlisted" or "Private").
  5. Finish scheduling your event. Once the broadcast is live on BoxCast, it will appear on YouTube Live as well.



  • If you are unable to post to YouTube you should first check that your YouTube account is enabled for Live Streaming and Embed Live Streaming. These options can be found on your account Features page.
  • To diagnose issues, the first step is to find the associated video on YouTube. From the BoxCast Dashboard broadcast details, select the YouTube Live tab and then click "Visit the YouTube Live Control Room" to investigate further.
  • Another troubleshooting option is to restart the entire YouTube Live broadcast.  Open the BoxCast dashboard broadcast details, select "Edit Event", disable the YouTube Live integration, and click Save Changes.   Then edit the event again and re-link it; within a few minutes, you should have a new event live on YouTube.
  • If you get an error message (Unable to link the requested YouTube account) when linking your YouTube/Google account, it may be out of sync.  Go to the Google permissions site and unlink the BoxCast application there.  Then return to the BoxCast dashboard and re-link.
  • Still having trouble going live to YouTube? Watch this video on Relinking your YouTube Account on the BoxCast Dashboard. 


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