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The BoxCast video player has the ability to share your broadcast on Facebook and Twitter. You'll see this if you click the dashboard link to watch a broadcast on  However, the sharing links don't always appear, for example:

  • Private/Test broadcasts are not intended to be shared
  • Broadcasts embedded directly on your site do not have a Facebook developer app ID configured by default that works on your site, so the links are not shown.

If you'd like social sharing links but don't see them today, you have a few options:

  1. The easiest solution is to simply direct your viewers to the link shown on your dashboard rather than embedding on your own site. We realize this doesn't work for everyone, but it's something to consider.
  2. On your own web site, you could add a separate social sharing widget (e.g. Social9 or ShareThis) to your page next to the BoxCast widget. This will allow viewers to share a link to the page hosting the video, pulling more traffic back to your site.
  3. You can use advanced options in the JavaScript embed code to configure the BoxCast video player to enable the same type of links that are present when embedded on (see below).


Advanced Configuration Option:

To configure the BoxCast player to add social sharing links when embedded on your own site, follow these steps:

  1. Sign up for a Facebook developer's account and generate your own Facebook application ID for your web site at
  2. In the JavaScript embed code you've generated from your BoxCast dashboard, add 2 additional arguments into the list of parameters (e.g. next to showTitle, showDescription, ...):
    • showSocialShare: true
    • facebookAppId: "<value from your app>"
  3. If you'd like to make sure the link shared directs viewers back to your own web site rather than, add an optional 3rd argument:
    • socialShareURL: ""

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