Getting started with BoxCast Switcher

1. All devices you want to use will have to have the BoxCast Switcher app downloaded.



2. All devices MUST be on the same wifi network. 

3. Open Switcher on the device that you would like to direct from and choose Use as Switcher. All other devices will be used as a remote camera. *In this example, the iPad is the switching device and the iPhone is a camera.


4. Login to your BoxCast Account. 

5. Go to the options bar and click the camera icon to add another device. It will ask the other device if it is ok to connect with the switcher.


*Click on the selected device. In this case, it will be "Wade Clark's iPhone"


*Click Allow on other devices

6. Now go to Outputs and select BoxCast. If you have already scheduled an event, in the dashboard, it will automatically select that event (if you are within 10 minutes of the scheduled start time). If you do not have an event scheduled you will click the + button which will allow you to schedule one.


*Notice camera 2 is now "live" 


7. You will click the red Rec + Broadcast button to begin sending data to us (it will be highlighted in red).


*This will connect to our servers and the broadcast will go live at the dedicated start time for the broadcast. 

8. To switch between cameras you will click the view in the camera (1, 2, 3, or 4) and once it is in the preview screen, click Preview --> Live which will push that particular view to the live feed. The preview feed will be on the left-hand side of the screen and the live feed will be on the right-hand side. 


8. When done with your broadcast simply click the Rec + Broadcast button so that it is no longer highlighted in red (the lettering will remain red but the color around it will disappear).

9. If you are stopping before the scheduled end time the broadcast will remain "Live" on our server until it hits that end time (meaning the server is still occupied even though you are no longer sending data). You can either end the broadcast through the app or through your BoxCast Dashboard (click the title of the event - you'll see a red STOP BROADCAST button to the right of the video player).


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