Integrating the Digicast DMB-8800A with BoxCast

Integrating the Digicast DMB-8800A with BoxCast

The DMB-8800A encoders are small hardware encoders made by Digicast. You can stream from this family of encoders to BoxCast using RTMP.


To stream to BoxCast using a DMB-8800A:

  1. From your BoxCast dashboard, schedule the broadcast like normal, selecting Generic RTMP as the Camera/Location.
  2. Up to 10 minutes before the scheduled start time, open your BoxCast dashboard and click on the event to be broadcast to open the detail view:
  3. Underneath Broadcast Controls, click Broadcast From Other Encoder:

    Leave this window open, as you’ll need to copy and paste this information into another window later.

  4. Plug power, network, and a video input into the DMB-8800A. Power it on and ensure it can connect to the internet. For more detailed help with setting up the Digicast, consult the manual that came with the DMB-8800A.

    Note: Out of the box, the DMB-8800A comes configured with a static address. If you wish to use DHCP assignment, consult Digicast’s documentation for network configuration.

  5. Obtain your DMB-8800A’s IP address, and enter it in a new browser tab or window to visit the device’s web page:
  6. Click on HDMI main or SDI main (depending on which model you have) in the left-hand menu:
  7. Configure the following parameters on this page:
    H.264 Level: high profile
    Encoding frame rate: 30 (for 29.97/30/59.98/60 fps inputs) or 25 (for 25/50 fps inputs)
    Bitrate control: cbr
    Key interval: 60 (for 29.97/30/59.98/60 fps inputs) or 50 (for 25/50 fps inputs)
    Resolution: 1920x1080 (if high bandwidth), 1280x720 (if medium bandwidth), or 850x480/720x480/640x480 (depending on aspect ratio, if low bandwidth)
    Bitrate: 4800 (if 1920x1080), 2800 (if 1280x720), or 1000 (if 850x480/720x480/640x480)
    RTMP server ip: the IP address from the BoxCast RTMP URL
    RTMP server ip ENABLED
    RTMP server port: the port from the BoxCast RTMP URL
    RTMP user name: (leave blank)
    RTMP password: (leave blank)
    RTMP app name: live
    RTMP stream name: the Stream key from the BoxCast RTMP URL

  8. Click Apply.
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