Integrating the ChurchStreamer with BoxCast

Integrating the ChurchStreamer with BoxCast

The ChurchStreamer is a hardware encoder sold by (The Digicast DMB-8800A Premium has previously been offered for sale by as the ChurchStreamer.) You can stream from this family of encoders to BoxCast using RTMP.


Many of our customers come to us from, and they wish to utilize the encoder they’ve purchased from, the ChurchStreamer. Luckily, one can easily reconfigure it to stream to BoxCast using RTMP.


To stream to BoxCast using a ChurchStreamer:

  1. From your BoxCast dashboard, schedule the broadcast like normal, selecting Generic RTMP as the Camera/Location.
  2. Up to 10 minutes before the scheduled start time, open your BoxCast dashboard and click on the event to be broadcast to open the detail view:
  3. Underneath Broadcast Controls, click Broadcast From Other Encoder:

    Leave this window open, as you’ll need to copy and paste this information into another window later.

  4. Plug power, network, and a video input into the ChurchStreamer. Power it on and ensure it can connect to the internet. For more detailed help with setting up the ChurchStreamer, consult the installation instructions that came with the ChurchStreamer, or the Digicast DMB-8800A documentation.

    Note: Out of the box, the ChurchStreamer comes configured with a static address. If you wish to use DHCP assignment, consult Digicast’s documentation for network configuration.

  5. Obtain your ChurchStreamer’s IP address, and enter it in a new browser tab or window to visit the device’s web page:
  6. Click on HDMI main or SDI main (depending on which model you have) in the left-hand menu:
  7. Configure the following parameters on this page:
    H.264 Level: high profile
    Encoding frame rate: 30 (for 29.97/30/59.98/60 fps inputs) or 25 (for 25/50 fps inputs)
    Bitrate control: cbr
    Key interval: 60 (for 29.97/30/59.98/60 fps inputs) or 50 (for 25/50 fps inputs)
    Resolution: 1920x1080 (if high bandwidth), 1280x720 (if medium bandwidth), or 850x480/720x480/640x480 (depending on aspect ratio, if low bandwidth)
    Bitrate: 4800 (if 1920x1080), 2800 (if 1280x720), or 1000 (if 850x480/720x480/640x480)
    Schedule ID: (blank)
    Schedule ID DISABLED
    RTMP server ip: the IP address from the BoxCast RTMP URL
    RTMP server ip ENABLED
    RTMP server port: the port from the BoxCast RTMP URL
    RTMP user name: (leave blank)
    RTMP password: (leave blank)
    RTMP app name: live
    RTMP stream name: the Stream key from the BoxCast RTMP URL

  8. Click Apply.


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