How do I export a video to Youtube / Vimeo from BoxCast?

Exporting a Recording

To export a recording:

  • Locate the recording you wish to export and click on its title to view the broadcast details:

  • Underneath Recording Controls, click on Download or Export Recording, then click on the YouTube or Vimeo tab (as desired):

  • Configure any settings for your export. For YouTube, you can configure the license (YouTube or Creative Commons) and privacy (private, public, or unlisted); for Vimeo, there are no additional options.
  • Click Export To YouTube or Export To Vimeo. Your recording will first be converted to a mp4, and then exported to the chosen destination. This process can take some time, and you can safely close this window while the process continues in the background. In most cases, you will receive an email directly from YouTube or Vimeo advising you of the export’s progress.


Check out this video for more help: 

How to Export BoxCast Videos to YouTube and Vimeo

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