Broadcasting to Facebook Live

If you are a church customer with an active subscription, please follow the steps below:

1. On the BoxCast Dashboard (, select 'Schedule an Event' as you normally would.
2. On the Publish step, click the 'Log in to Facebook' button if you haven't already.
3. Enter your Facebook credentials to log in securely through Facebook. Select 'Public' when prompted that BoxCast would like to post to Facebook.
4. This gives BoxCast permission to post the live stream on your church's Facebook page.
5. From the dropdown menu, select 'Show on My Timeline' or one of your pages.
6. Finish scheduling your event. Once the feed is live on BoxCast, it will be available on Facebook as well!

 Logging out of one Facebook account and into another: 

BoxCast will automatically pull the cache from your browser to log you into Facebook. If you want to log into another account that is not what you usually log into, follow these steps. 

1. Sign out of your BoxCast Dashboard account.
2. Clear your internet browser's cache or all history. 
3. Sign in to your BoxCast account.
4. Look for the "Log in to Facebook" button on the Publish step of scheduling an event and it should give you the option to log into a different account
What should my permissions look like on my page?

You will want to give BoxCast full permission to stream on your page. Here is how you check to see if you have done that. 

1. Log in to Facebook

2. Go to the drop arrow and click on settings: 


3. On the right side of the screen, you will want to click on "apps" 

4. You should see the BoxCast App. Click on it and make sure that the follow boxes are checked and it is set to public. 

What restrictions are there when broadcasting with Facebook Live?

Currently, Facebook live only supports up to 720p HD streaming. This means if you’re streaming in 1080p HD through BoxCast, the stream will be a lower quality on Facebook.

Additionally, Facebook may at their discretion choose to lower the output bitrate, which may reduce quality.

Facebook live broadcasts cannot be longer than 4 hours.

If your BoxCast stream is longer than 4 hours the event will no longer be broadcasted on Facebook. We will continue broadcasting the stream on BoxCast, however, and you can re-enable the Facebook Live broadcast through the "Edit Event Details" section of the video.


For additional questions, contact the BoxCast Support Team at 

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