How do I add my broadcast to my SportsEngine game page?

BoxCast makes it easy to synchronize your SportsEngine and BoxCast accounts, so that your broadcasts will show up alongside your games on your web site!

Deprecation Notice: The original tool at the web site has been replaced with an improved tool inside the BoxCast dashboard. If you do not have access to the SportsEngine page inside the dashboard, reach out to for help adding the feature to your account.

Linking Your Games:

  1. Log into your SportsEngine account by going to
  2. Make sure you are in User Mode (upper right-hand corner) and click on Game Schedule.
  3. Open a new browser tab and log into your BoxCast account at
  4. Click the link for SportsEngine in the left navigation.
  5. Click the “Login to SportsEngine” button if you have not already.
  6. Approve BoxCast permission to access SportsEngine games.
  7. Once logged in, BoxCast will immediately start to analyze all the SportsEngine sites you have admin access to.  If you have admin access to more than 1 site, select the one you would like to synchronize from the dropdown.
  8. Click on the games that have no broadcasts scheduled.
  9. Create a broadcast by choosing the BoxCaster that you want to use for the game.
    • Once scheduled, you’ll be able to see the games that have been successfully synced between BoxCast and SportsEngine.
  10. The BoxCast stream is automatically inserted into the SportsEngine game page so that viewers can watch a game.



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